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Woman accused of killing her 2 kids with meat cleaver

TEMPE, Ariz. [AP] – A woman is accused of killing her two young children with a meat cleaver after arguing with her husband, police said on Sunday.

According to officials, 40-year-old Yui Inoue threatened to stab her husband over an argument about money to go to Japan before allegedly killing her children.

It was unclear Sunday if Inoue had a lawyer yet who could speak on her behalf. Police said the woman primarily speaks Japanese and had an interpreter for their interviews, Associated Press reported.

Inoue reportedly drove to the police station around 7 a.m. and told officers she heard voices telling her to kill her children, authorities said. Police said a 7-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, whose names weren’t immediately released, were found dead in the apartment.

The two bodies were under a blanket and boxes and “there were significant injuries to their bodies including numerous lacerations, incised wounds and some amputations, consistent with a violent attack and defensive wounds,” said Sgt. Steven Carbajal, a Tempe police spokesman.

Police said Inoue had blood and lacerations on her body when she was detained. There were also blood stains in her car, police said. Officers allegedly found a 6-inch meat clever inside a bag with blood-stained clothing in her car.

“There were several pieces of information/evidence that led detectives to believe that the cleaver was the weapon used during this incident,” Carbajal said.

Inoue told police she woke up around 4:30 a.m. with blood on her hands and arms and the two children were dead and bloody near the doorway of the bedroom. She told police she didn’t remember the incident and “woke up” after taking a bath.

Police said they had responded to the same apartment earlier in the day because of a domestic dispute between a married couple.

Police said Inoue’s husband confirmed he had left the apartment around 12:30 a.m. Saturday after arguing with her over money.

He told police the children were asleep when they were arguing, and he didn’t have any concerns about his wife hurting them.

Police also said there was no apparent reason at the time to call child welfare authorities.

The man told police he slept until morning in his vehicle in the parking lot of a bank where he works.

Carbajal said the officers who discovered the bodies were not the same ones who were at the apartment on the earlier domestic dispute call.The officers who found the dead children were receiving counseling, AP reported.

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