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Video of Naples woman helping ducks goes viral

NAPLES, Fl. (WBBH) — A video of a Naples woman stopping traffic on U.S. 41 to let a mother duck and her ducklings cross the road has been seen by millions of people all around the world. 

Jessica Unda and her mother were driving down the busy highway last week when they noticed a mother duck in distress, stranded in the median. 

“Oh my gosh, ducks are in the middle of the road,” said Unda recalling her mother’s reaction. 

The duo turned around to help save the family of ducks. 

“I was like, mom you have to turn around and we have to go help those ducks,” said Unda. 

Her actions, filmed by her mother while still in the car, went viral on social media. Millions of viewers watched the moment she stopped traffic to let the ducks waddle across U.S. 41. 


“I just like held my hand out and I was actually pretty shocked, because the second I did that she just knew and immediately started crossing the road,” said Unda. 

The mother duck was followed closely by more than a dozen ducklings. 

“That seemed unnatural for a momma to have that many babies,” said Unda. “Maybe she took on some other ducklings that weren’t her own.”

Admittedly, Unda tells NBC-2 people were confused why she was stopping traffic. 

“When you saw me do my thumbs up, it’s because all the people in the cars were like waving and putting their thumbs up for me,” she said. 

The ducks were trying to cross the road to get to a nature preserve near the Gulf Coast Town Center, according to Unda. 

“I knew they were headed to a safe place,” she said. I don’t regret it. I would do it again.”

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