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Tag: Watering

Water advisory issued in Cape Coral, officials consider one-day watering schedule

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Cape Coral city officials are asking residents to do their part in water conservation. A new advisory has been put in place as canal levels in the city continue to sink. If people don’t pay attention to how much water they use and conditions don’t improve, the city will mandate a one-day watering schedule. More than 4,000 illegal watering violations have been issued since the start of dry season. High usage and illegal watering contribute to decreased irrigation pressures. An adequate supply of irrigation water is needed for the more than 800 fire hydrants...

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Cape Coral enforces two-day per week watering schedule

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – The City of Cape Coral is stepping up its efforts to enforce the two-day-a-week watering schedule. Residents are allowed to water two days a week, the dates and times assigned by your address. A City spokesperson said Code Compliance steps up enforcement each dry season to make sure residents are conserving water to ensure there is enough pressure in the system for the hydrants connected to the reuse system and for city residents to water their lawns.  Additionally, following the watering schedule helps to maintain the canal levels in the freshwater canal...

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