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Illegal dumper leaves pile of poop near Cape Coral home

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Someone dumped pounds of poop right next to a Cape Coral home.

Michael Harsch said he and his wife have lived there for four years. While don’t own the vacant lot next to them, they’ve never had a problem with dumping there.

A few days ago, they were out by their pool and smelled something when the wind picked up.

Harsch said a landscaper pointed out a pile of poop just steps away from the fence around their yard.

“It had to be either somebody who picks it up for a living that dropped it here,” he says. “It wasn’t somebody that’s walking their dog here and just keeping in this one area.”

The patch is at least 50 square feet in the back corner of the lot. Harsch said he believes it’s dog waste, and says the smell gets even worse when it rains.

“It actually makes it worse because below it moistens the….debris, so to speak. And then when it evaporates it comes in the air and you definitely get a whiff of it.”

The police department said this could fall under not picking up after a pet or illegal dumping. They would have to catch the dumper in the act or have an authorized trespass warning from the homeowners.

The Harsch’s didn’t see anyone leaving the poop there but they hope whoever it is will stop dumping near them.

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