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Health Matters: Preparing for Surgery

Whether it’s minimally invasive, robotic, or open surgery—health experts say there are a few things patients need to do to prepare for the procedure. It’s very important to pay attention to your diet. A lot of fresh fruits and veggies, try to limit processed foods, eat a lot of lean proteins, chicken breasts, fish. Try to increase or at least maintain physical activity,” explained Andrea Berecz-Prewitt, a physician assistant with Lee Health.

If patients smoke or drink alcohol—health experts say it’s also important to stop using before surgery. “Smokers have significant risk factors due to smoking, regarding wound infections, bone infections, respiratory problems, pneumonia,” she said. Doing too much physical activity after surgery can lead to a longer recovery. “Generally, everybody should expect some level of restrictions regarding weight lifting or driving.

Due to pain, or some bone instability, wound infections, complications, so generally, it’s best to just take it easy and follow the instructions that they are given,” Berecz-Prewitt said. It’s also important for patients to attend their follow-up appointments. “Follow-ups are very important because the body is going to continue to change after surgery. Patients generally are not discharged with the same medications that they had prior to admission. During these follow-ups, we can keep an eye on the general healing, how the wound is improving, as well as if we need to adjust medications,” she said.

Maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle before surgery can help patients have a quicker and easier recovery after surgery.

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