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Governor DeSantis receives backlash for anti-LGBTQ decisions made during Pride Month

FORT MYERS, Fla.– Members of Southwest Florida’s LGBTQ community are accusing Governor Ron DeSantis of declaring war on their community as he has made some controversial decisions on the first two days of Pride Month.

Signs of Gay Pride month line the downtown Cape Coral streets as banners that mark the event’s kick off. But many people in the community are upset with the way the governor is kicking off the celebration. 

On June 1st, Governor DeSantis banned trans girls from playing girls sports.

“It’s pride month and the timing is totally off but my feeling is the timing would be off any time,” said Visuality Founder Arlene Goldberg.

However, Republicans like Terry Miller who works as GOP consultant see it differently.

“The governor was very clear when he said this is about biology and ideology,” Miller argued.

On June 2nd, the governor’s veto list included getting rid of funds for counseling survivors of the Pulse massacre.

“I’m definitely scared for what he’s going to do next?  I know he’s pandering to his base,” said Andy Spaulding, an active member of the LGBTQ community.

Again, Miller pointed out that the governor vetoed 150 items in this 2021 budget.

Yet another veto excludes funding to the Zebra Coalition which helps homeless LGBTQ teens.

“We don’t feel like we’re welcomed here from our own governor,” Goldberg stated.

Sue Christiano, a gay realtor in Fort Myers, fears the governor’s actions could send the wrong message to people looking to move into the state.

“We have a lot of people moving into this community right now and we have been promoting how welcoming and inclusive we are. So this happening and coming out at the beginning of June is a little disturbing and upsetting,” Christiano concluded.

The governor vetoed about 150 different items out of the 700 that were included in this year’s budget.  

The post Governor DeSantis receives backlash for anti-LGBTQ decisions made during Pride Month appeared first on NBC2 News.

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