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Florida woman discovers now-missing husband already married to someone else

OKEECHOBEE, Fla. [WPTV] – An Okeechobee woman said she found out her now-missing husband was already married before they said ‘I do.’

“I just want it to be over,” Audra Clemons recently told WPTV.

Clemons said the courts won’t annul her marriage to Carlos Alberto Abreu Mendez. She married Mendez in 2015.

“He fooled me,” Clemons said. “He completed fooled me. He fooled my parents.”

When the two met, Mendez allegedly said he was from Venezuela and was a graduate of the University of Miami.

In 2017, they had twins together. One of the girls is on the autism spectrum, making things more challenging for this now-single mother, WPTV reported.

“She can say about 25 words now, which is huge,” Clemons said.

Soon after giving birth, Clemons said she started to feel uneasy. Mendez was supposed to file their income taxes, but Clemons said a refund never came. That’s when she called the IRS and discovered no tax return had been filed and Mendez didn’t have a tax identification number that non-citizens use to file taxes.

“They can’t find him now,” Clemons said.

Later, she learned he had never attended classes at the university like he said he did.

In 2019, she filed for divorce. Then a family member shared a disheartening rumor — he was already married to someone else.

“A family member came up and said, ‘I think, you know, you should check this out. I heard a rumor that your husband is still married to someone,’” Clemons said.

Clemons found records on Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court proving he had married another woman four months before he had married her.

Clemons said it felt like “a kick in the stomach.”

She hasn’t seen or spoken to her husband in more than a year. She’s been relying on Zoom court dates, which Mendez has not attended.

“I want someone to be big enough to step forward and say, ‘I know where this guy is and I’m turning him in,’ or him to step forward and turn himself in,” Clemons said.

Clemons next date in court is set for late June.

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