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Florida driving laws set to change to allow hazard lights in heavy rain

FORT MYERS, Fla.– Now that rainy season is here, you’re likely to see more people driving with their hazard lights on during heavy downpours. Currently, it’s still illegal to do that in Florida but the law is set to change.

Florida drivers have been driving in the heavy rain and fog using their emergency lights but beginning July 1st it will actually be legal in some cases.

“My granny used to do it all the time,” said Florida resident, Thyme Sands.

It turns out that granny shouldn’t have been doing that.

“It would drive me crazy. She would drive with the flashers on in the rain the whole highway,” she explained.

A 2015 Twitter post from the Florida Highway Patrol pointed out it was illegal to use your emergency lights.

Many drivers don’t realize it is illegal.

The new law will only allow drivers to use their hazard lights on the highway on roads where the speed limit is 55 or higher.

The Department of Highway and Safety reports 460 people were cited statewide in the last three years for driving with their flashers on.

According to AAA there are just 10 states that prohibit using your emergency lights while driving. 

The post Florida driving laws set to change to allow hazard lights in heavy rain appeared first on NBC2 News.

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